What is Unit 00?

Unit 00 is the iConsole Developer Kit - it's a powerful x86 prototype for the production iConsole.tv, set to launch this winter.

You get one Unit 00 just for joining the iConsole.tv Developer Program, which we'll continue to support with free code, accessories, and upgrades leading up to general availability.

When Can I Get One?

The Unit 00 Developer Kits are available for order now, included in your $699 iConsole.tv Developer Program membership.

After we get some paperwork out of the way, your developer kit will be in the mail!

What is iConsole.tv?

If you're new here, you may want to head to www.iConsole.tv to learn more.

We're all about reinventing the gaming console, taking in all the amazing innovations that the mobile universe has created. iConsole.tv delivers the most powerful Androidâ„¢ device shipped to-date, x86 power, dual HDMI outputs, and horsepower to take the mainstream.